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See data the way you think about it - An Innovative Visualization and Analysis Tool for large matrix data

Automatic Visualization and Categorization of matrix data allowing a you to interactively recognize important relationships and filter data to further identify meaningful insights.

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Available via a shared public web site, a Ubuntu or Windows Desktop application, a Docker container or as a component you can add to your existing web server (nginx, apache, IIS, etc.)

Automatic Categorization

Automatically categorizes column data in large matrix datasets into manageable buckets of data.

Visualize Data

By selecting categories for inclusion or exclusion the user will be able to visually identify the significance of relationships between categories.

Analyze Complex Matrix Data

Easily see metrics on any column or individual categorized bucket and the relationships is has with other buckets.


About Us

Our mission is to provide a novel method for allowing humans to visually consume very large matrix data sets and dynamically interact with them to easily identify significant data relationships and detailed metrics.

The categorization of text, numeric, date and time elements into easily consumable groups allows the user to be able to visually consume large quantities of data in a compressed/categorized format. The visualization of data also supports visual filtering of the result set to allow further identification of significant data relationships. The system reads in matrix data from your defined source and then automatically categorizes the data into human consumable groups. The system then displays the resultant data to the user in a format that is easily understandable and further allows the user to take action on the data to either further filter or see detailed metrics on the data. The system visually displays the data and categorizations to allow the user to identify significant data relationships.

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Make the Unmanageable, Manageable

By presenting your matrix data in a simple, easily consumable and interactive format, you ensure that you can make the strongest decisions and have the maximum impact on data analysis. MatrixEase offers a unique approach and interface for investigating data, providing you with the analytics, metrics and information that you need to operate at your best.


Advanced Data Analytics for a Low Subscription Price or Free

Here at MatrixEase we know what it’s like to build something meaningful from the ground up. That is why we support all our clients with the lowest possible price for our subscription service, and only start to charge you on extremely large matrixes or a significant number of users accessing the system.

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Why you should try us

Visually consume very large matrix data sets

Automatic data categorization

Dynamically interact with data to easily identify significant relationships

Detailed metrics at every level

Integrated Charting and Reporting

Easy to Use


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